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We are bespoke wellness project, a partnership between certified health and wellness coaches, Kelle Cobble and Nina Lynch. We coach clients to shine. You know the look, like when you see someone literally glow? It comes from within. It’s remarkable. It’s lovely. It’s confident, peaceful and energized.

Our methods are bespoke, unique to each client, because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We partner with clients to make room for what’s important in their lives: mindfulness, fitness and nutrition, playfulness, connection, family, reinvention, meaning. Together we create lasting change and make the world shine a little brighter.

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21-Day Clean Eating Project

Are you confused by food? What to eat more of and what to avoid?

Are you ready to stop letting it take over your life?

Let’s simplify the confusing world of healthy eating together!

This 21-day self-guided clean eating program is not a detox, cleanse or diet. It’s a kickstart to your new normal.


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